The 100 is a great value round 4 seater.
If you’re looking for a great value circular spa then the 100 could be the spa for you.
As with all our 100 series you get great build quality, Bluemaax Insulation, VL402 controls, and an ABS pan base.


    • Treated Wood Frame
  • DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry
  • HDPE Sealed Base
  • Thermo-Lock™ Insulation
  • Freeze/Overheat Protection System
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Programmable Filter Cycles
  • 3.5″ LED Underwater Spa Light
  • Dynamic LED Lighting



Dimensions Depth Capacity Water Capacity Weight (Empty) Weight (Full) Jets
193 x 193 cm 91cm 4 757 litres 200kg 968kg 18

Cabinet Finishes

Acrylic Finishes